Friday, April 8, 2011

Hanna knocks out Melisinda in the 7th round

Hanna Gabriels knowked out her Mexican/American opponent Melisinda Perez in the seventh round after punishing her with a series of 16 blows in her face, Meli who was able to stay on her feet after recieving a beating, until she finally fell on to the floor semiunconcious for over 5 minutes.
during the first five rounds Hanna was agresively fighting but several rounds after her energy started diminshing but when she was able to throw some good punches and when Meli felt the impact, she started hyperventilating and that where Hanna took advntage of the moment and ended the fight.
Hanna was accomapnied by her sisters and her mother and father, besides the large public which was of about 12,000 fans that arrived to the brand new national stadium.
According to Hannas Manager, she already has offers to fight in Ls Vegas, Uruguay and China.
Her managers want her next rival to be right handed because her last two fights were with left handed boxers.
In another note, one of the asistants who arrived to see the fight was Boxer Carl Davis who was unable to see the fight because of being detained while entering the stadium, he had an arrest warrant for hitting his wife last March 24th.

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