Friday, January 16, 2009

23 bodies found and many more injured, several still missing

The amount of bodies recovered after last weeks earthquake has risen to 23, over one hundred people were injured and recieved attention from the red cross, over 500 families are now homeless and awaiting for help while they spend the days and nights in shelters.
Over 20 people are missing and have not been found yet.
One of the most difficult rescues was the one done by the Colombian rescue squad who showed their repelling skills while recovering the body of a Dos Pinos (milk company) employee who was in his car trapped in the middle of a cliff completely buried except for a hand that was showeing outside of the vehicle.
Police, volunteers and rescue experts continue to search for missing residents, 26 kilometers of roads are completely destroyed and the government is analizing whether to reconstruct the roads or build a different road from Vara Blanca to San Miguel of Sarapiqui.
Food and clothing has been donated by several charity groups and private citizens such as the Lions Club of Costa Rica, Channel 7 news, Red Cross, the government of the USA donated $50,000 and the government of Colombia $100,000.
Loses from the earthquake amount to over US 100 million dollars.
9 counties hve been declared in a state of emergency, they are Alajuela, Grecia, Poas, Alfaro Ruiz, Valverde Vega, Heredia, Barva, Santa Barbara and Sarapiquí.
The area where the most disaster occured was in Cinchona a small town which virtually dissapeared, Vara Blanca, Poas, Poasito, Fraijanes as well as the waterfalls in that area.
The families in the shelters are needing medicine supplies, underwer, personal hygene items such as toothpste, soap, toothbrushes, tapons, diapers, shampoo, medicines, batteries, dogfood, and veterinary supplies etc
Many strong aftershocks are still being felt, the last aftershock was about 30 seconds ago, my guess is that it is a 4.8 on the richter scale.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

6.2 Earthquake today at 1:20 pm. 2 children and 2 adults dead

Many people were shaken this afternoon in Costa Rica, two children died after a landslide buried them between the towns of San Isidro and Fraijanes in Heredia.
Two children and two adults have died so far from this eathquake.
Approximately 20 people injured in Cartago and 20 in Poas of Alajuela.
Several people who were driving are also still trapped in their cars and left uncommunicated.
At least 250 aftershocks so far have been felt in many parts of the central valley.
Houses in Cartago have also collapsed.
Poas of Alajuela, San Isidro of Heredia, San José, Vara Blanca and Fraijanes are the towns most affected.
The National Emergency Commission is recommending that people stock up on water and canned food as well as batteries and flashlight as a preventive measure.
Yesterday Costa Rica had a 4.0 earthquake and El Salvador also had a strong earthquake, minor damages were reported.
Costa Rica usually has earthquakes during Christmas and Easter week, but because of the absence of high rises, most of the time there are minimum damages.