Saturday, June 27, 2009

President Manuel Zelaya kicked out of his country

President Manuel Zelaya of Honduras was kicked out of his country and brought to Costa Rica moments after trying to imitate the sneaky habits of some of his collegues from Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia and Ecuador.
He is trying to change the nations constitution to Benefit himself by allowing himself to be reelected indefintely just like President Chaves did with his country.
The people from Honduras who are well known for defending their ideals, their democracy and their freedom did not allow their president to become a dictador.
The national army immediatly was able to recognize the worries of their citizens and act accordingly without delays, the military did good in removing the President in his pijamas and kicking him out of the country before it was too late.
It is clear that Honduras will not tolerate wanna be dictators, some leaders start out well and then fall in love with power and their political job and don´t want to let go, trying to make their will more important than the will of the people who elected them.
The Honduran army is defending their freedom, their constitution and won´t allow anyone to break there laws, even if it´s the president who thinks he is above the law.
Too bad the Venezuelan army doesn´t have the balls that the Honduran army has.

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