Thursday, June 25, 2009

Meeting Michael Jackson

I had the opportunity to meet Miachael Jackson in person on several occasions, one of those occasions was the night of the Oscar awards, after the ceremony, we were at Liza Minnelis father s´ house at a party which I had gone to along with some friends.
We took some photos there and had a chance to talk to Michael for a while, afterwards we said good bye and left, later on that same night we were at another celebrity event and Michael went by in his red limo.
We decided to follow him, my mopther was acomanying me that evening, we arrived to another house in the Hollywood Hills, I got closer to him and when he saw that it was the same Photographer that he had met earlier he relaxed a bit.
Liza was with him and the Chofer/body guard..... Michael entered the hosue and Liza waited outside in the car, she invited me to sit inside while he came out.
About 10 minutes later, he came out and and we cahtted a little more, I told him that I would like a few autographs, one for my Mom and he happily signed several fotos, a couple of Thriller Albums.
After chatting some more he took off his dark shades and was going to let me have them, I thanked him but told him that I would prefer the glove he was wearing, which was his trade mark. H e smiled and thought about it for a second and proceded to take his glove off and give it to me.
We left very happy and excited, his white glovehas a seal stamped on it which was the invitation used for the famous ¨Thriller¨ party.
When we arrived back to Spago, the famous celebrity restaurant in Beverly Hills, we told all the other paparazzis about our adventure and meeting with Michael Jackson.

Lic.Gregory Kearney Lawson.

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