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Some of the Services we offer at http://attorneykearney.com

Law/legal services:
We offer Legal advice and representation in several areas such as International Law, Business and Commercial Law, Family Law, Immigration and Residency procedures, Relocation services, Notary services, Real Estate law, Estate Law, Trade mark, name and product registration, due diligence as well as a variety of related services which are described in our web page.

Notary Public and serving processes:
Property and vehicle transfers and sales, translation services, serving or foreign judgements, Notary Acts, documents of perpetual memoriam, legalization of foreign and national documents for registration in other countries.
We offer Notary services in Costa Rica and the USA. In Costa Rica you will need a Public Notary for most everything you do personally or in business, such as buying or selling a vehicle or a property, Notary Acts, Declarations under oath, Residencies, Wills, Marriages, etc.
In Costa Rica to be a Notary you must first graduate as an Attorney. A Public Notary is a Law specialty which goes beyond just witnessing a signature, a Notary must also interpret the will of all parties involved in a transaction, advise all parties, put it into legal form and transcribe it into a protocol book, besides collecting the necessary signatures and filing out any documents in the appropriate register.

Permanent residency ( regular residency, Pensionados, Rentistas, Investors), Temporary residency ( work permits, study permits, visas), passports, permits, etc
Costa Rica has become a most desirable relocation and retirement destination. It is a country with an unequaled combination of mountains, beaches, waterfalls, volcanoes, and eco-tourism. The climate and friendliness of its people continue to attract expatriates and those looking for a slower pace of life.
Costa Rica offers:
Welcoming attitude toward foreigners
Health care that is accessible and affordable.
A favorable exchange rate
Easy internet access, cellular phones, fax machines
Low costs of food, utilities, hired help and entertainment
Excellent and inexpensive public transportation
Democratic government with a focus on pacifism and ecology
Two English newspapers, and access to cable and Direct TV with U.S. channels
Shopping malls, European furniture, and imported U.S.foods and clothing
English-language movies and books

Real Estate Sales:
Residential, commercial and industrial property listings all over the country but specializing in areas of american/european interest.
We have many listings in most areas around the country and will offer and show you the properties according to your specifications and desires.
If you do not see a property that you like you can contact us by phone, fax or email let us know what type of property you are interested in, we are constantly updating our lists of properties for sale and rent and we may well have what you are looking for and hasn´t been uploaded to the web page yet.
As an extra service for soon to be expats we also offer a few listings for sale from clients in the USA that are offering to sell their properties so that they may come here to buy their dream home or business.

Wedding planning :
Paradise Marriages is a one of a kind wedding planning company of which no other company in the country is offering the same services. Costa Rica has become the new destination for couples to have their wedding, it is the next Hawaii at a fraction of the cost.
Custom wedding packages, wedding ceremonies, marriage registration in foreign countries.
We design dreams for the perfect wedding. As weddings in Costa Rica are legal contracts, our firm will handle the essentials of your wedding contract, so that your marriage will be recognized in any nation in the world.
We can help with our group of consultants and with wedding coordinators on site to handle the details, and let you concentrate on the joy of starting your new life together.
We also work with couples that are renewing their vows and can offer a special package for you.
At our web page you can find our Paradise Marriage packages, our Exotic locations and finally to our Fantasy weddings. We also have a section on Photography to help you capture the very personal and special moments.
From flower arrangements and photography, to honeymoon recommendations, we enjoy working with you to create memories that will last a lifetime!
From the simplest elopement package to the most elaborate wedding possible, and from the most traditional ceremony to the most surreal one ever, we can help you.
For both Bride and Groom we need the following data:
Home Address
Passport Number
Birth Date
Place of Birth
Father's full name and nationality
Mother's full maiden name and nationality
Parent's address
Original copy of passport
Some requirements may be waived or substituted. call or write us for more information.

Genealogy research:
Do you or someone you know have any relatives that live in Costa Rica or that have lived in Costa Rica? We do extensive research and investigations throughout the country to find out information about your family, ancestors or relatives, some may still be living here that you may not know about.
Would you like to get in touch with someone you haven´t seen in a long time ? Have you wondered what happened to that special person in your life? A relative or girl friend or boy friend that lived or was from Costa Rica, a good friend whom you lost contact with? We have been successful in joining many people together after many years of separation.
Are you adopted? No matter how good your adoptive parents have treated you it is healthy to know who your biological parents are.
Out of curiosity or for peace of mind and emotional stability it is good to find out all you can about them. You may have mixed feelings about this but from the experience we have had in these cases we have found out that at the end it is a very satisfying experience.
We can help you get your family tree started and learn more about your roots. This information can be helpful for things that you may not even imagine, such as medical illnesses, causes of death, interesting and unusual facts, occupations, and much more.

Costa Rican culture has a large mixture of backgrounds, although there are many descendants from different parts of Europe, many settlers came from a variety of other parts of the world.
Many common surnames in Costa Rica come from Great Britain, Spain, Italy, Germany, Israel, Poland, China, USA, and the Caribbean as well as other parts of the world.
Private Investigations:
Our staff includes many collaborators from all areas including police authorities, politicians, ex-policemen, international private investigators, security guards, street people and bodyguards.
We have close following, check ups on backgrounds, and contacts of daily activities plus others.
Review of records on properties, liens and encumbrances or hidden notations that may cause problems in the future, including unknown background problems.
Ensure that the property you are about to buy does not have any problems.
We can find out information that may be helpful for you to know in your business dealings. If you would feel more comfortable in knowing what kind of reputation a company or an individual has or what their business and financial state is, then we can help you.
Also we will investigate previous job experience, stability, and any other information you may need.
Would you like to know if your spouse is telling you the truth, if he or she is seeing other people, having an affair or cheating on you. Find out and get it over with,
Photography available as well as hourly or daily reports.
The world is full of frauds and thieves that prey on people that trust the wrong people, Costa Rica is no exception and although many good deals can still be found, it is always best to confirm and make sure that your deal is not too good to be true.
Recently there were several financial frauds that are being investigated and getting ready for trial, so it is wise to be careful when dealing with a great opportunity.


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