Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Immigration Law project

I believe that the best way to do something about this Immigration Law Project is for all expats to unite, join forces and discuss a plan to make our voices heard with the right people.
I understand the concerns of many expats regarding this law and realize that this Law project would affect many people and benefit nobody.
Yes, the amounts expected are way out of reach for most residents living here and would cause great harm to both permanent residents as well as the rest of the country.
There should be a large but peaceful march down central avenue up to the Legislative assembly building, this is the way protests are done in Costa Rica and has shown to have positive results.
This march should be well planned out and Important points to take in consideration:

1- What are the intentions of this Law and who are the ones promoting it.

2- This Law project if approved cannot be retroactive as that would be against the constitution and the rights and guarantees of a free and democratic country, any new law can affect new applications for residents.
Still it is a good idea to take this law project seriously and show our concerns in an early orderly manner.

3- Experience shows that in the past, law projects are revised by adding and eliminating articles and that in the end, the law projects transformed and looks like a fraction of what the approved law is like.

4- The Law projects are approved in Congress(Legislative Assembly), before they are approved they have to be presented to the congressmen (Diputados) and approved in two different debates and only then can they become Law of the country.
During this process many things can happen, people who are against the Law project or in favor march to the Legislative assembly and picket with signs, present signatures, get press attention and speak a represntative or two can sometimes speak directly with the Legislators to demonstrate their points of view and their concerns.The Law project may or may not be sent to the constitutional court for review to see if there are any articles that may be unconstitutional.

5- It is important to inform the press so that they can help bring attention to understand the effects of the proposed Law and it´s possible consequence's, I can very much help with this as I am a former Photojournalist with friends among the national and international press.

Lic.Gregory Kearney Lawson

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