Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Have your Wedding Ceremony in Costa Rica........

In Costa Rica civil weddings are done by an Attorney/Notary Public which is a post graduate specialty where the Attorney acts as a Justice of the Peace and also has ¨Public Faith¨ for legal acts.
Costa Rica has become the new Hawaii for wedding ceremonies and eloping to the tropics,
Specially now that unique weddings are being offered for couples to have a memorable experience with their own personal touches.
Dream weddings are done in a variety of settings, some of the favorite ones are at the beach, at one of the seven volcanoes in Costa Rica, floral gardens, at national parks, next to streams, at a monastery, restaurants or at another meaningful place for both of you.
Another variation of popular weddings are done with a theme for a list of ideas go to
What does our office require from you ?
A photocopy of your passports, some personal data for constructing the documents, 2 witnesses and the fees depending on what services you require.

Below is a wedding form for couples who want to visit Costa Rica for their wedding and/or honeymoon, it can be sent to our e mail or fax.

Wedding form
Grooms Name : ______________________________
Email, phone number, _________________________
Wedding date/place:__________________________
Brides full name _____________________________

nationality ___________________, how many previous marriages _______, occupation _________________, age________, date and place of birth _________________, passport number _________________, exact physical address in home country ___________________________________
exact address in Costa Rica_________________________________
Grooms Full name: _______________________________________
nationality _______________________, how many previous marriages __________, occupation ____________________, age _________, date and place of birth ________________________________,
passport number _____________________________,
exact physical address in home country ____________
exact physical address in Costa Rica _______________
Brides parents name & nationality: ________________
Grooms parents name & nationality: _______________
Length of stay ___________________
Amount of people attending : ____________________
Preferred setting : Office _________ Beach ______ Mountain ________
Waterfall _________ Rain Forest _________ Volcano __________ Canopy _________ Undecided _____________
Services wanted :
Officiant ______ Photography ________ Video _______

Wedding coordination _______ Flowers _________________
Wedding Cake ________________________________
Catering service _______________________________
Lodging _____________________________________
Bridal gown and Tux rental ______________________
Professional make up ___________ Hairdresser ________
Wedding favors _______________________________
Limo service ____________, Manicure and Pedicure __________ ,

Personalized wine bottle ________
Wedding album ___________, Custom wedding webpage ______________, transportation __________________
Tours ________________________
Spa services ___________________, Wedding Arch ______________

Other services _______________________

Lic. Gregory Kearney Lawson.
Attorney at Law
Kearney Lawson & Assoc.

Ph:(506)8-841-0007, Ph/ Fax: (506)2-221-9462


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